ReEnergy Capital can be compared to a private equity fund structured according to the SICAR type of corporate architecture provided for by Luxembourg Law.

The ”Fund” was promoted in 2010 by Heliopolis, a company doing business in the renewable energy and environment fields, and by Tagliavini & Partners, an investment and financial advisory and business development consulting company. The two companies, bringing together engineering, green technology, finance and asset management skills, created the prerequisites for seizing and enhancing the opportunities of the green economy. The result was a team of professionals in the legal, financial, engineering and research sectors motivated by the desire to stand out as a leading independent investor on the market.

ReEnergy Capital S.C.A. SICAR invests in companies that are not listed on regulated markets. It especially focuses on enhancement of the energy assets of industries active in developing plants and infrastructures for generation and distribution of energy from renewable sources (especially photovoltaic, hydroelectric, wind and biomass).

Shares can be underwritten by institutional and well-informed investors.

The “Fund” keeps each SPV in its portfolio for the period necessary to build and start up the plants, then selling them on the market with the assets owned, assessing the convenience of the transaction so as to benefit from their value increase and/or profitability generated over time. The liquidity coming from investments is reinvested, distributed to underwriters or used for further return on capital originally made available by the underwriters, all in accordance with the policies set forth by the Management Company.